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How to Find Reliable Wholesale Manufacturers for Your Clothing Line?

How to Find Reliable Wholesale Manufacturers for Your Clothing Line

Many entrepreneurs end up losing momentum when it comes to finding good wholesale manufacturers to source their products.

After all, you are planning to invest in a huge money to kick-start your business.

Above everything else that you plan for your clothing business, finding a trusted and reliable wholesale manufacturer is the most important step. This ensures that your biggest financial investment for the new business will go in safe hands. Which is the baseline of your new clothing business.

Over the internet, there is a flood of wholesale manufacturers making several claims and promises.

But, how to find the best wholesale manufacturer that actually delivers quality at affordable prices? How to know which manufacturer can get your products right for you?

This guide will walk you through steps to find out the best wholesale manufacturer for your clothing line:

How to Get Started With a Clothing Business?

How to Get Started With a Clothing Business

Before setting up your clothing business, ask yourself if you really need a wholesale manufacture? Because if you are simply interested in selling clothes online, you can begin with a drop shipping business where you wouldn’t have to deal with designing and production aspects.

Let’s say you want to start off with selling blank t-shirts, there’s no need to lose your wits when there are many suppliers providing high-quality blank t-shirts in wholesale.

However, if you wish to create a new brand to sell your unique designs, then you will need to find a wholesale manufacturer.

Whether you are a fashion designer or not, the latter option will always have an upper hand in the market. Why? The benefit to creating your own brand is freedom of creativity, selling your exclusive designs at higher prices, and a better control on marketing and branding aspects of your business.

What to Look for In Your Clothing Wholesale Manufacturer?

What to Look for In Your Clothing Wholesale Manufacturer

When looking for a wholesale manufacturer, following things should be considered:

  1. Who Can Make Your Product?

If you are starting a new clothing line, it’s important to know whether a wholesaler can create the desired product. For example, not all wholesalers can manufacture exercise clothing prepared with an ideal combination of spandex, lycra, and waterproof fabrics.

Rather choose an experienced manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing the clothing products you want.

  1. Where to Get Your Products Manufactured?

Prices vary depending on whether you hire local or international manufacturers. Many entrepreneurs look for wholesale clothing manufacturers in China as trusted clothing producers.

Where to Get Your Products Manufactured


Backed by recent stats, the monthly report shows that around 3.19 billion meters of fabric was produced in April 2020. Although the graph has dropped, yet the large-scale textile production is because Chinese wholesalers are renowned for quality and affordability.

However, if you find affordable wholesale suppliers locally, it can prevent you from huge shipping costs if you are not from China.

  1. What is Your Ideal Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

When looking up for manufacturers, compare their minimum order quantity. Considering your budget and the surety of how many products you can sell, you should opt for a low MOQ clothing manufacturers. In general, the standard MOQ is 200 to 2000 per clothing item.

  1. Can You Get Product Samples?

Before committing to a huge order, getting samples will help you visualize better your products. Also, you can have a closer look on the manufacturer’s quality check on their products through the neatly sewn hems and edges. Samples are also necessary to ensure the sizing of your products. For example, ordering hundreds of pants that don’t fit right would only end up in a disaster.

Most manufacturers willingly provide samples for a decent fee. Then, you can commit for bulk orders.

  1. What about The Manufacturing Fees And Shipping Costs?

It’s important to communicate with the manufacturer about any additional costs as well as the shipping costs for your country. It will help you decide which manufacturer will suit your start up best.

  1. What’s the Production Capacity?

Usually, you wouldn’t be concerned about it until your business starts growing. However, even at the initial stage, you should consider the production capacity of the manufacturers and the time it takes for a single bulk order. It is important to ensure that the wholesale manufacturers are capable of handling your booming business in future.

  1. What’s the Quality Standard of Manufacturers?

Quality is utmost for the credibility of your clothing line. Ordering samples is one way to ensure the quality of products.

Look up for different quality standards and their reviews online. Make sure you find the manufacturers who don’t substitute ‘affordability’ or ‘cheap rates’ at the cost of ‘lower quality products’.

Most of the professional manufacturers have the certified ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. They are definitely reliable partners to put your faith in. Apart from that, if the clothing manufacturers have Sedex or BSCI certificates, they should be highly prioritized too.

  1. Have The Manufacturers Worked With Other Brands?

This is the best quality or reliability check for manufacturers. Not to mention, it cannot be a standard question for new wholesalers, who might hit the notch for you without having a list of brands to count on.

However, you can contact the brands and seek out their reviews about the manufacturers. This will help you shortlist and find out the best wholesale manufacturer in the market, suitable for your new business.

Different Ways to Connect With Reliable Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers:

Different Ways to Connect With Reliable Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

There are a few ways to connect with wholesale manufacturers to ensure their reliability:

  • Find them at trade shows and industry meetups
  • Look up in online verified supplier directories like SaleHoo
  • Find them on famous China-based online markets.

3 Things to Consider Before Working with a Clothing Wholesale Manufacturer:

3 Things to Consider Before Working with a Clothing Wholesale Manufacturer

  1. Identifying Traders Against the Clothing Manufactures:

In B2B businesses, you need to know whether you are working with wholesalers, clothing manufacturers or traders. It can be identified from the wholesaler’s business license.

In case of online wholesale suppliers, if there is no mention of ‘production’ or ‘manufacturing’ processes, then they are mostly likely trader. Traders have a limited scope of options for your clothing line compared to original wholesale manufactures.

  1. Find A Wholesale Supplier Based On Your Business Capacity:

If you are setting up or running a large-scale clothing business, clothing manufacturers in China would be your ideal partners.

However, for small scale company with a limited budget, the option of Chinese wholesale manufacturers should be reconsidered.

Simply compare the costs of production of local and Chinese clothing manufacturers based on the minimum quantity orders.

  1. Select Wholesale Manufacturers That Willingly Provide Test Reports.

For exporting clothing, several certificates and test reports are required to be provided by the wholesale manufacturers. Therefore, choose the wholesale clothing manufacturers who will provide you the certificates and test reports easily.

Winding Up, What’s the Best Clothing Item for Business To Begin With?

Fortunately, the global market of custom t-shirt printing is going to hit ‘a value of $3.1 billion by 2025’, so why not step into something that’s already profitable? Because customers are looking for uniqueness amidst the chaos of mass production of ‘similar products’.

If you are planning to start off a private label t-shirt wholesale business or customised menswear enterprise, we at Marcusius are the wholesale manufacturers who prioritise quality over prices.

We are China-based manufacturers who can help your business grow by offering an amazing range of menswear and women’s casual clothes in bulk with tons of custom options to start your own brand. Contact us now to ask any questions you have.


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