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How To Find The Right Clothing Manufacturers in China?

China T shirt manufacturer

Are you planning to import clothing products from China for your new clothing line? Looking for a private label wholesale manufacturers or custom menswear manufacturers in China?

Since 2010, China manufacturers are the world’s largest wholesale manufacturing superpower renowned for cheap labour and affordable rates for bulk orders.


China T shirt manufacturer



No matter what, China wholesale clothing manufacturers are known for producing high-quality products that are imported overseas by millions of local, national and international businesses.

Surprisingly, a current report during COVID-19 pandemic reveals that the production has increased in China by 5% in April, 2020.


Clothes manufacturer


Here’s a comprehensive guide to walk you through the process of finding the right China wholesale custom clothing manufacturers to partner with for your new clothing line:

How to Find Best Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China?

  1. Attend Trade Fairs in China and Around the World:

Exhibitions are the first step to understand, evaluate, and connect with the manufacturers and approach different clothing factories. If you have already researched about the best China wholesale manufacturers that you’d like to interact with, you can schedule meetings during any of these trade shows to contact them as well as find many other wholesale manufacturers.

Among the top China clothing industry exhibitions are Intertextile, SILFE, SPINEXPO, ACLE, etc.

Get yourself booked this year to meet new China wholesale manufacturers and have your satisfaction about the clothing line you wish to create.

17 Jul 2020China International Fashion Fair (CHIC)ShenzhenAsia’s Largest and Most Influential Professional Fashion Trade Show
24 Jul 2020Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Expo (DTP Expo)ShanghaiThe leading trade show in Textile Printing Industry
24 Jul 2020ZheJiang International Trade Fair For Textile and Garment IndustryJinhuaPromotes Healthcare Textiles and Custom Production and Wide Application of Digital Printing.
28 Aug 2020Shanghai International Lifestyle Fashion Exhibition (SILFE)ShanghaiA Leading Tradeshow for Exhibitors and Professional Buyers in Apparel and Accessories Sector
03 Sep 2020SPINEXPO ShanghaiShanghaiThe International Exhibition of Fibres, Yarns, and Knitwear Industry
03 Sep 2020All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE)ShanghaiThe Only International Leather Industry Exhibition in China
05 Sep 2020CENTRESTAGEHong KongAsia’s Fashion Spotlight
25 Sep 2020Intertextile Shanghai Apparel FabricsShanghaiThe World’s Leading Apparel Fabrics & Accessories Fair


  1. Check Out Online B2B Marketplaces in China:

You can also find China manufacturers on the online B2B platforms. Most of the Chinese clothing manufacturers use Chinese B2B marketplaces. You can contact the China wholesale vendors and gather details about the MOQ, quality check, sample, etc.

  1. Check Out Sourcing Companies to Find the Best Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers:

If you are inexperienced, it’d be great to partner with sourcing companies in China to help you find reliable and high-quality China clothing manufacturers. They can also help you find affordable manufacturers for your first orders. Dragon Sourcing and Imex Sourcing Services are experienced sourcing companies that help medium to large scale businesses.

  1. Find the Perfect China Manufacturer on LinkedIn:

Most of the Chinese wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors publish their company profile online on LinkedIn. If you are looking for a specific manufacturers such as wholesale Private Label T-shirt manufacturers or wholesale custom t-shirt manufacturers, you can easily spot the experts of the industry in China. Based on small or large scale business, you can locate the perfect vendor for yourself.

  1. Search on Google:

For your specific needs such as custom digital printing T-shirt wholesale manufacturers in China, you can always look up on Google. Not to forget, if you really wish to get wholesale custom menswear collection for your new clothing line, you can contact us easily through email or phone call provided.

5 Steps to Spot the Best Clothing Manufacturer in China:

If you have to figure out clothing or textile manufacturer online, you can perform certain quality checks and demand certain reports to know if the manufacturers are really worth your investment or not!

  1. Identify Your Ideal Product Scope:

First and foremost, you should shortlist wholesale suppliers based on what they specialise in. If you are planning to import blank label clothing wholesale providers, you need to find the right supplier factory manufacturing black label or private level t-shirts wholesale in China.

Similarly, be clear about the custom printing or embroidery techniques you wish for your custom made shirts. For example to import popular DTG printed T-shirts, you should shortlist suppliers offering wholesale custom DTG printing.

P.S., we are wholesale custom t-shirt manufacturers offering DTG printing and embroidered logo shirts. You can check out our catalogue in Western men’s and women’s wear products.

  1. Check the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements:

Most of the wholesale suppliers have a MOQ requirement. Especially, if you have custom prints and embroideries in mind, then a minimum order quantity is a must. Depending upon the size of your clothing business such as small, medium, or large scale, you can shortlist wholesale clothing or textile manufacturers.


Usually, a roughly general MOQ requirement is:


  • MOQ per fabric: Approx. 250 – 500 pcs
  • MOQ per color: Approx.: 250-500 pcs
  • MOQ per order: Approx. 500-100 pcs
  • MOQ per size: Approx. 100-250 pcs


The least MOQ reflects that amount of textile fabric the supplier has to purchase from the supplier.  Especially if it’s a custom colored fabric (as per a specified Pantone), the MOQ is usually higher.


If you wish to purchase a variety of products in one order, then provide the custom designs from the available variety that use the same color and fabric chosen for one product.


  1. Ask for the Quality Test Reports:


Oft-ignored aspect, clothing manufacturers around the world, from US, Europe, Australia and China follow certain quality and safety standards such as REACH (Europe), California Proposition 65, etc. to limit the use of heavy metal or harmful chemicals in the textile manufacturing process.


Now, most China manufacturers also endeavour to manufacture organic and eco-friendly clothing products that are devoid of heavy metals, AZO dyes, Formaldehyde and Phthalates, etc.


You can ensure the use of unhealthy metals in fabrics by asking the manufacturers to provide you with quality compliance tests reports


  1. Investigate the Fabric Quality:


Fabric quality requirements are crucial to be met by China clothing manufacturers. After ordering a sample or a small batch of clothing from the manufacturers, you should perform quality check for several days to ensure the cloth has a high-quality fabric used during the manufacturing process.


Many China manufacturers may sell affordable and low-quality base fabric to wholesalers. But, if you have a new clothing line or brand in mind, perform certain quality check with the shortlisted clothing manufacturers.


A great option that works is to contact a fabric supplier who meets the clothing quality standards and order the stock from them. They will ship the fabric material to the apparel manufacturer to produce your desired products.


  1. Question About Sedex and BSCI Reports


.BSCI and Sedex are two different organizations for global-scale manufacturers that perform social compliance audits each years to meet the standard of several core principles such as:

  • Fair remuneration to workers
  • Special care and protection of young workers
  • Provision of health and safety measure for workers
  • Ethical business behaviour
  • Boycott of child labour
  • Decent labour working hours
  • Ensuring eco-friendly environment


Clothing manufacturers that are in compliance with BSCI or Sedex standards are very reliable and preferable options when it comes to selecting Chinese apparel manufacturers.

Start Your Wholesale Customised Menswear Collection With Us—Who Are Marcusius Tee Shirt Manufacturers?


Clothes manufacturer


Marcusius is an emerging high quality custom clothing manufacturer. Teeshirtmanufacturers offer a variety of menswear collection that can be customised as per the client’s demand. We offer ODM and OEM services along with the highest-quality standards when it comes to the fabric used for clothing.

Are We a Private Label T-Shirt Manufacturers in China?

Definitely, yes. We at Teeshirtmanufacturers.com offer the customer a choice to opt for private label T-shirts for establishing their high-end brands. Over the years, our staff is highly trained to ensure quality of private label t-shirts.

What Do We Specialise In?

We are professional online wholesale t-shirt suppliers in China, based in Guangzhou, specializing in menswear like T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, jeans, jean shirt, caps, shorts, and much more.

Talking of customisations, we offer custom embroidered logos, custom embroidered bomber jackets and t shirts, custom digital printed t shirts, custom tie-and-dye shirts, and custom screen printed shirts.

Also, we use different high-quality printing methods such as 3D printing methods, dye sublimation method, etc. to ensure precise printing of details onto the fabric as it can be seen from our catalogue.

We use polyester and cotton breathable high-quality fabrics in our shirts to ensure satisfaction of your customers. We aim to bring you returning buyers for your retail or wholesale business by providing high-quality men’s apparels.

What Are Some of the Perks You Can Expect To Enjoy By Working With Tee Shirt Manufacturers?

If you are starting a new clothing line, taking care of the manufacturing process as well as marketing your business and setting up your brand can become hectic!

We aim to bring high-quality fabric t-shirts at affordable costs. And once you are satisfied with the sample, you can buy custom shirts in bulk from us without a doubt. Let us handle the manufacturing aspect and you can focus on your brand’s marketing needs.

We also help small scale and new apparel businesses set their roots. The perk we offer to them is that they can choose different category products as per their needs. They can choose sweatshirts, bomber jackets and hats of custom sizes and colors. They can also choose a currency of their choice to pay for the order.

Contact us for further details to let us help you establish your new clothing business without much hassle!


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