Wholesale Blue Denim Shirts J007

Denim Vintage Shirts are an everlasting trend, offering a classic look to wearer. Very lightweight cotton fabric is soft to touch and comfortable to wear.

Wholesale Blue Denim Shirts J006

Vintage faded denim shirt is a staple in any man’s capsule wardrobe. This modern style denim is made in a mild faded blue colour and features a single breast pocket and shoulder seams.

Wholesale Denim Shirt J005

A versatile wardrobe is incomplete without a faded denim shirt. With military style pockets on the front, the shirt is designed to make the look stand out without being eccentric.

Wholesale Embroidery Denim Jacket J004

Craft a timeless off-duty look with this trucker denim jacket from Marcusius. The flattering look would compel your girlfriend to borrow it.

Wholesale Zipper Denim Jacket J003

A subdued, causal staple for your wardrobe capsule. This Marcusius denim jacket is a perfect everyday jacket to slip on over dresses.

Wholesale Embroidered Denim Shirt J001

Style yourself with this ‘Dream High’ embroidered denim shirt. This classic faded blue or black denim is fashioned particularly to layer on your Tees with its long-sleeves and cuffed arms.

Wholesale Blue Distressed Denim Shorts S015

Popular men’s summer wear are these bleached, distressed-ripped detailed, knee-length denim shorts. We’ve the perfect customer-choice Bermuda shorts in blue, bleached at high points for a fashionable look.

Wholesale Black Denim Shorts S014

Pair these black denim shorts with button down shirt for a chic preppy look. These boys’ denim shorts are slightly ripped and bleached on high thigh points to add a flavor of youthfulness.

Wholesale Faded Black Jeans S012

These mildly faded black jeans maintain a perfectly striking look in the crowd. These cropped black denim jeans are keenly ripped at minimal points to maintain the casual look. These faded jeans are prepared with durable denim material and a relaxed fit wais

Wholesale Blue Ripped Jeans S011

Kick back on the holidays with these non-stretch cropped blue jeans, aged with ripped and distressed patches. Faded at the center, these straight leg jeans can create a phenomenal look with plain white button down shirt.

Wholesale Black Denim Jeans S010

These black faded jeans are most stylish yet comfortable pair one can own. Straight leg with faded grey patches on the high leg points. Cotton blended with spandex offers comfortable stretch for daily wear.

Wholesale Blue Denim Jeans S009

When 2% spandex is added to 98% cotton fabric, the comfortable stretch a slim-fit jeans offers is unavoidable. Will become your most adored jeans that you’ll ever own.

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