Wholesale Polo T Shirt Y001

This regular-fit, short-sleeved, soft cotton fabric polo is a great summer partner. Featuring embroidered pony logo, dyed-to-match double buttons, and double-stitched hem and sleeves, this polo offers a casual to classic look.

Wholesale Custom Print Polo Tee X003

The premium bikers’ Polo shirt is absolute favorite among youngsters. Contrasting white splice panels and highlighting stripes on the inner arm against navy base have an irresistible appeal.

Wholesale Custom Embroidery Black Polo Shirt A016

Let your kingly stature shine through this crown-embroidered polo shirt. This premium black polo shirt is finished with minimal crown embroidered detailing all over the shirt.

Wholesale Custom Polo Shirts A015

Makes a lasting first impression as you enter the crowd! The exquisite, outwardly Wildlife ‘Blind for Life’ embroidered polo shirt features a front logo and back full-length embroidery.

Wholesale Twin-Tipped Polo T-Shirts A013

Invest in this classic twin-tipped Polo shirt, designed inspired by Fred Perry tennis tipping. Available in sophisticated color range, this Marcusius polo shirt is made with soft cotton pique, featuring two dyed-to-match buttons on the placket and embroidere

Wholesale Custom Embroidery Polo A012

This finely detailed embroidered Polo is to fall for. Cut from 100% soft cotton and short sleeves make this a perfect fit for hot summer days.

Wholesale Custom Logo Classic Black Polo Shirt A010

Classic solid black polo shirt is an essential for men’s wardrobe. Preferred by men of all ages, this classic black polo is a perfect shirt for formal and informal wear.

Wholesale Polo T-Shirt for Men A009

A timeless, classic Polo shirt with embroidered collars is a perfect gift for men. While maintaining the simplicity of the shirt, a minimal designer imprint on collars create a subtle and attractive look.

Wholesale Black Polo Shirt For Women A008

The ‘Missing’ embroidery Polo shirt allures young girls and boys. The ensnaring embroidery threads can reveal to you a magical story in vibrant manner.

Wholesale Designer Embroidery Polo Shirt A005

An embossed-effect embroidered Polo Tee is benchmark of elegance. Subdued embroidery lays an ensnaring trap of sophistication for the wearer.

Wholesale Embroidered Logo Polo Shirt A003

This regular-fit, classic Polo Tee with embroidered logos offers an immaculately formal look. The soft cotton fabric and regular fit at chest height ensures optimum comfort throughout the day.

Custom Polo Shirt embroidery a002

This KingMark embroidered shirt is our royal masterpiece. The finely embroidered gold crown against base-colored embroidery has a powerful royal feel that customers are lured with.

Polo Shirts

We are a men polo shirts manufacturer and we manufacture a variety of polo shirts for all ages. If you want polo shirts in bulk quantity then you should check our website. We have all sorts of polo shirts for you, whether you want to design your custom polo shirt and you want to purchase polo shirts in bulk quantity for your business. Then you don’t need to worry, we will provide all kinds of polo shirts to you.

In our Polo shirts factory, you will find sleeveless polo shirts, polo shirts with logo, high-end polo t-shirts, classic polo t-shirts, striped polo t-shirts, white polo t-shirts or any sort of polo shirt you want. In our polo shirts factory, we manufacture on a very large scale and we prove you the best of the best polo shirts at a very cheap price.

Now we will tell you about some basic detail of polo shirts so that you can understand what are polo shirts and why you need to buy from us? 

What are Polo Shirts and what they are made of?

A polo shirt is a kind of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with three buttons and an optional pocket in it, 80% of the polo shirts are short sleeved, Originally they were used by the polo players in the year 1920s. You should buy polo shirts for your business because these shirts are very comfortable and easy to wear.

Polo Shirts are usually made up of knitted cotton rather than woven cloth. Also they are made up of pique knit, or less commonly an interlock knit, or using other kinds of fibers such as silk, merino wool, synthetic fibers, or blend of natural and synthetic fibers. A dress-length version of a polo shirt is known as polo dress. We do polo shirts production at a very large scale and you can buy polo shirts from our polo shirts factory at a wholesale price.

Different kinds of Polo Shirts we have in our Polo Shirts Factory

In our polo shirts production factory we have polo shirts of every kind. We have work polo shirts in bulk quantity for you, we have blank polo shirts, we have dri fit polo shirts, and we also custom polo shirts at a whole sale price.

At our polo shirts factory we have embroidery polo shirts, golf polo shirts, bamboo polo shirts, plain polo shirts and custom designed polo shirts, so that you can buy polo shirts at very cheap rate and in bulk quantity for your business.

We manufacture at very large scale at our polo shirts production factory. We also produce polo shirts unisex, we also have polo jogging suits in bulk quantity and at whole sale price and classic polo shirts for your business.

Polo shirts manufacturer provides you with the facility of MOQ. You can have MOQ (Minimum order quantity) of 50 pcs or you can have MOQ (Minimum order quantity) of 200 pcs. We deal in 100% cotton material in our polo shirts factory. We provide you polo shirts of every color of your choice. We have customized packaging facility available for you. If you want to order any kind of polo shirts then you have to do 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.

We are a large scale polo shirts manufacture factory and we manufacture polo shirts at very large scale. We also offer ODM and OEM services so that you can do your business easily. You can order polo shirts from https://www.teeshirtmanufacturers.com/ at wholesale price and you can purchase polo shirts in bulk quantity from us. We deal all over china and we supply our polo shirts at various different places in china.

Custom Polo Shirts and Whole sale Polo Shirts at Polo Shirts Manufacturer

If you need customized polo shirts for your business then we are available to you. We will provide you customized polo shirts for your business and at wholesale price. Our goal is to make your business easier and easier so that you could earn profit from your business. And for that we are ready to help you, polo shirt manufacturer will provide you top-notch quality polo shirts in bulk quantity and customized polo shirts at a wholesale price.

So what you are waiting for? You just need to go on our website and just tell us the number of polo shirts you want for your business. You can order MOQ of 200 pcs or MOQ of 50 pcs from our polo shirts production factory.

So if you want to grow your business then you can order polo shirts in bulk quantity from www.teeshirtmanufacturers.com. We are 24/7 available for you, you can visit our store online and browse for any kind of polo shirt you want. We have created different categories, so you can shop according to your need. So you can order polo shirts in bulk quantity at any time from website.


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