Wholesale Graphic T Shirt T011

This premium flower T-shirt blends greatly with summer-spring vibes. The minimalistic and Scandinavian inspired Tee is a must-have shirt in your wardrobe.

Wholesale Custom Dual-Side Printed T-Shirt T010

This exclusive Alphabet T-shirt is a perfect staple for men’s wardrobe. The ultra-comfortable, soft cotton fabric makes this shirt an ultimate choice for dress-down days and lounging around.

Wholesale Screen Printed T-Shirts T009

The custom printed whole Tees are made of soft, feather-light cotton fabric that men love to wear when lounging around at home.

Wholesale Custom Vintage Print T-Shirts T008

These faded Alphabet Tees are to demonstrate how you can custom design teen-favorite, high-quality vintage T-shirts. Vintage Tees are highly popular among men, women, and children.

Wholesale Custom Thermal Printed T-Shirt T007

The ironic smiley shirt sends out bright vibes that you would absolutely fall in love with. The light-weight cotton fabric is keenly chosen for its durability, strength, and ultra-softness for summer wear Tees.

Wholesale Scribble Print Tees T006

Scribble Tees are new favorites of young boys and girls. The exclusive T-shirt print design shows how immaculately your handmade art is transferred to your shirt.

Wholesale Plain Multicolour Available Cotton Tees Y010

Plain T-shirts are undisputable staple of every man’s wardrobe. A best-seller in all the seasons. Relaxed cut, ultra-soft ring-spun cotton to manufacture these premium quality plain Tees.

Wholesale Gradient Print Tie Dye T Shirt Y005

This dual tone gradient print t-shirt is what you will absolutely fall in love with. The ultra-smooth, and comfortable fabric made of 95% cotton makes it an amazing everyday wear shirt.

Wholesale Custom Printed Ringer Neck T-Shirt Y002

This alphabet-printed T-shirt is a popular kids and teen choice. Featuring ringed neck in contrasting color, this shirt presents a unique appeal due to its simple design.

Wholesale Casual White T-Shirt X001

This classic cotton Tee is the keystone of any wardrobe. It’s a perfect pick for any season and everyday wear. The cotton fabric is known for its durability, strength, and softness.

Wholesale Custom Dual Side Embroidery T Shirt a014

This dual side golden embroidery Wildlife ‘Blind for Love’ shirt is exclusively designed, available only in white and black colors.

Wholesale Dual Side Embroidered Men T Shirt A011

This simple T-shirt is the impeccable staple to your white T-shirt collection. With an option for custom design embroidery, you can freely choose to imprint your favorite phrase, words, or pattern.

Tee Shirts

We are a well-known tee shirt manufacturer in China. We are a men tee shirts manufacturer and we manufacture a variety of tee shirts for all ages. If you want tee shirts in bulk quantity then you should check our website. We have all sorts of tee shirts for you, whether you want to design your custom tee shirt and you want to purchase tee-shirts in bulk quantity for your business. Then you don’t need to worry, we will provide all kinds of tee shirts to you.

We provide all types of custom printing services for our customers. We believe in building our customer’s trust in our brand. We also offer ODM and OEM because we manufacture on a large scale at Tee Shirt Manufacturer and our Tee Shirt Factory.

In our Tee shirts factory, you will find sleeveless tee shirts, tee shirts with logo, high-end polo tee shirts, classic polo tee shirts, striped polo tee shirts, white polo tee shirts or any sort of tee shirt you want. In our tee shirts factory, we manufacture on a very large scale and we prove you the best of the best tee shirts at a very cheap price.

Now we will tell you about some basic detail of tee shirts so that you can understand what are tee shirts and why you need to buy from us? 

What are Tee shirts and what they are made of?

The tee shirt is a fabric shirt named after the T-shape of its body and sleeves. Tee shirts are made of a stretchy, light and inexpensive fabric and they are very easy to wear. Tee shirts are typically made of cotton textiles in a stockinette or jersey knit.

You can buy either a v-shaped tee shirt or you can buy a u-shaped tee shirt. We have both types of shirts available at the Tee shirt manufacturer. The concept of the v-shaped tee shirt was, not to showcase shit when worn beneath an outer shirt.

Tee shirts are famous because of their unique and comfortable fabric and they are specially designed for the summer season. There are many different types of tee shirts available in the market such as concert tee shirts, polo tee shirts, printed tee-shirt, etc. You can purchase any sort of tee shirt from a Tee shirt Manufacturer. We’ve all kinds of tee shirts available for you.

Tee shirts are always the first choice of people. You can wear Tee shirts while sleeping, you can wear Tee shirts at parties, functions, while jogging, you can wear tee shirts while playing. You can wear Tee shirts anywhere you like.

Different kinds of Tee shirts we have in our Tee shirts Factory

In our tee shirts production factory we have tee shirts of every kind. We have work tee shirts in bulk quantity for you, we have blank tee shirts, designer printed tee-shirt, embroidery tee shirt, casual tee shirts, we have dry-fit tee shirts, and we also custom tee shirts at a wholesale price.


We have a wide range of T-Shirts available in our T-Shirt factory. You can choose from sustainable, quick-dry, and breathable. You can choose either from in-stock items, OEM service china t-shirt factory, or choose long sleeves for yourself from our T-Shirt factory. You can buy T-Shirts for any gender from the T-Shirt factory, you can buy for men, women, or either unisex.

At our tee shirts factory, we have embroidery tee shirts, golf tee shirts, bamboo tee shirts, plain tee shirts, and custom-designed tee shirts, so that you can buy tee shirts at very cheap rate and in bulk quantity for your business.

We manufacture at a very large scale at our tee shirts production factory. We also produce tee shirts unisex, we also have polo jogging suits in bulk quantity and at the wholesale price and classic tee shirts for your business.

Tee shirts manufacturer provides you with the facility of MOQ. You can have MOQ (Minimum order quantity) of 50 pcs or you can have MOQ (Minimum order quantity) of 200 pcs. We deal in 100% cotton material in our tee-shirts factory. We provide you with tee-shirts of every color of your choice. We have customized packaging facilities available for you. If you want to order any kind of tee shirts then you have to do a 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.

We are a large scale tee shirts manufacture factory and we manufacture tee shirts on a very large scale. We also offer ODM and OEM services so that you can do your business easily. You can order tee shirts from https://www.teeshirtmanufacturers.com/ at wholesale price and you can purchase tee shirts in bulk quantity from us. We deal all over china and we supply our tee shirts at various places in China.

Custom Tee shirts and Wholesale Tee shirts at Tee shirts Manufacturer

If you need customized tee shirts for your business then we are available to you. We will provide you customized tee shirts for your business and at a wholesale price. Our goal is to make your business easier and easier so that you could earn profit from your business. And for that we are ready to help you, the tee-shirt manufacturer will provide you top-notch quality tee shirts in bulk quantity and customized tee shirts at a wholesale price.

So what you are waiting for? You just need to go on our website and just tell us the number of tee shirts you want for your business. You can order MOQ of 200 pcs or MOQ of 50 pcs from our tee shirts production factory.

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