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Start Your T-Shirt Business—A Step-By-Step Guide From Prototyping to Importing It


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T-shirt is a staple of everyone’s wardrobe. And, custom T-shirts are a game changer for the past 5 to 6 years. According to Statista, the custom t-shirt printing market was about a $1.16 billion market in 2016 globally, and it will pave its way to a value of $3.1 billion by 2025.

Therefore, t-shirts are among the top-selling products online as well as offline. In fact, they are a low investment business to start with for young textile designers and entrepreneurs.

Here’s a guide to walk you through the process of finding the right wholesale supplier to importing the goods and setting up your online store.

Step-By-Step Guide to Start Your Online T-Shirt Business:

  1. Blueprint a Prototype of Your T-Shirt Designs to Build a Brand:

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It’s simple to dropship T-shirts available on different platforms by creating a Shopify store or sell your designs freely on Redbubble and other custom T-shirt online sites.

That’s alright for a side business.

But, if you wish to own your designs, set up a brand, and have the guts to stand out from the competitive market; then, the process would be slow but worth it.

There are several factors to cautiously consider before you move forward with the manufacturing process.

  • Niche:

The more specifically you choose your niche, the greater are your chances to stand out and make a name. In fact, being specific can keep your budget in check as well.

  • Design:

Know your audience. Because graphic tees are all about connecting and communicating with your customers through popular slogans and graphic details. Be very different, inspiring, and precise.

For higher quality print, the design files need to be 300 digital pixels/inch with a transparent background to cover the actual print area on the t-shirt. However, be sure that the specifications can vary depending on the printing colours, quality, and technique used.

  • Quality:

Be sure that the shirts are of top-notch quality to build the trust of your customers from day one.

Be it a plain t-shirt you sell or a printed one, the troubles like shrinking of t-shirt, cracking and fading of prints would ensure that you don’t get returning customers. High-quality t-shirts can cost a greater initial investment but it would be worth it in the long-run.

  • Brand Name:

Create a very unique brand to make a mark among others. Add value to the life of specific audience in a different way. Otherwise, your brand will easily get lost among the common businesses.

And, when you are all set with your prototypes and all the specifications, brainstorm a catchy brand name in the meanwhile that clicks well with your designs or theme or idea behind t-shirts.

For example, a t-shirt shop for hip-hop men should have hip-hop specific slogans and a blingy hip-hop name to communicate easily who the store is for!

  1. Find the Best Printing Technology:

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Research the best printing method that is durable and high-quality. From dyeing to final product to long-term usage, it should all work smoothly.

Although it’s tempting to compromise on quality to earn extra profit margin, but the profit wouldn’t last for longer!

When contacting your t-shirt wholesale manufacturer, be sure to ask about the t-shirt quality and printing technology used. When you ask for a sample article, check the durability of prints and the quality of fabric used for the t-shirt. Before the final bulk buying t-shirt in wholesale, quality check are the smartest move to take.

Even if you have your own printing machine and are choosing to order wholesale blank t-shirts, make sure the fabric is of premium quality.

T-shirt Printing Techniques:

Here are the T-shirt printing techniques that you must know of:

  • Hand-Painted Printing:

This one is a manual hand printing technique using a pen. Mostly, textile dyes and acrylics are used to hand paint the T-shirt. It’s the most unique printing technique that is used in localized area and the process can be a bit slow. For building a huge brand, slow manufacturing process wouldn’t an incredible option. But, yes, a bunch of premium hand-painted T-shirts launching in each season wouldn’t be a bad idea to attract your customers.

Yet, the downside is that once the mistake is made, it cannot be removed.

  • Screen Printing:

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most popular bulk custom T-shirt printing method. It can be divided into three categories: water slurry printing, ink printing, and glue printing. The limitation to a few of these water paste printing methods is that they cannot be applied on a dark coloured T-shirt.

  • Digital Printing:

Digital inkjets is the latest technology that includes the techniques of eye-drawing, peritoneum, stringing, etc. It’s a relatively high-quality, mature printing technique. It’s great for large-scale printing and to create uniform prints. The patterns are breathable, non-toxic, odourless, and never fade.

  • Thermal Transfer Printing

To transfer more complex and intricate patterns onto the fabric, thermal transfer printing is used to imprint the entire print onto the T-shirt. But, sometimes, the light-coloured patterns do not appear or are more faded. The shirt isn’t breathable from the printed area.

  • 3D Printing:

By employing the technique of sublimation digital printing, 3D prints are imprinted onto the shirts. The 3D pictures are smoothly transferred to the shirt with all the precision of 3D art.

  1. Find an Appropriate Embroidery Technology:


Computer embroidery is the most used technique to imprint your designs automatically on to the T-shirt.

  1. Computer Embroidery:

The computer processes the embroidery patterns on the clothing material and achieves a precisely decorative effect. The common types of embroideries that are used in the retail market are:

  • Flat Embroidery
  • 3D Embroidery
  • Bead Embroidery
  • Towel Embroidery
  • Cross-stitch Embroidery

In case of T-shirt manufacturing, mostly flat embroidery is used.

  1. Choose Wholesale T-shirt Manufacturers from China:

T-shirt Manufacturers

You might be wondering why you need to contact China wholesale manufacturer when it can be done locally. Statistically, China wholesale manufacturers are the world’s leading manufacturer for a reason—affordable costs leaving a huge profit margin for you. Plus, Chinese industries are known for their expert designing skills and quality checks at every step.

For a long-term business and providing the best quality T-shirts to your customers, China wholesalers are the most reliable manufacturers that can get your business started at a low price.

Choose Marcusius Teeshirtmanufacturer for Your Start-up Business:

We at Marcusius teeshirtmanufacturers are working since 2012, producing T Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Bombers, Jackets, and Caps with advanced printing machinery for precise printing and embroidery.

We offer all the machine printing methods to design your custom T-shirts. We also manufactures custom embroidered T-shirts using flat embroidery technique. We have the expertise and manpower to bring your prototypes into reality. So, if you are looking for a manufacturer in China, meet us and decide for yourself!

You can also contact us for OEM/ODM orders to get wholesale blank T-shirts as well as custom T-shirts or Private Label T-shirts for setting up your brand.

How to Perform a Reliability and Quality Check?

Quality Check

  • Start off by sharing your T-shirt prototype and the printing technique or embroidery technique you would like us to use.
  • Let us send you a sample for quality check whether it’s for printing or embroidery.
  • Once you are satisfied, you can decide to proceed the T-shirt business with us bringing you the highest-quality custom T-shirts. You can have your custom-logos imprinted for building your brand.
  • Once you are satisfied, you can choose to focus on branding of your new start-up, and we will handle the manufacturing process.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be glad to help you.

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