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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Private Label Manufacturers in China 2020

Private lable manufacturer

In the business world, private labelling has soared to great heights over the last few years. It is the smartest and quick-witted way of putting your brand’s products into people’s hands without paying the marketing costs. China is among the forerunners in the race with a fast growing private label market.

Before you hop on the bandwagon and shake hands with a Chinese private label brand, you must be familiar with every nook and cranny of this gigantic world. Let us take you into the world of private labelling with us. As you finish reading this, we guarantee you will have picked your private label manufacturer in China already.

This article is going to touch the following topics:

What Is Private Labelling?

We are sure we must have piqued your curiosity to the highest level by now. Starting from the very bottom, here is a clear and concise definition of private labelling:

A process in which products are manufactured and supplied by one brand and sold under a different label is known as private labelling.

To understand the concept, let’s take an example; A supermarket called by name ABC sells mixed vegetables of various brands, but along with that it sells ABC special price mixed vegetables too. Supermarket ABC has hired a private label to make mixed vegetables for them, which they sell under their own name. This is a classic example and a widespread tactic used by many supermarkets.

This is becoming a common practice around the globe now. It is most likely that you might have bought a private label item at least once in your life. It could be anything ranging from cookies of a grocery store brand or pair of trousers from your local super market or even an over the counter pill.

Private labels have spread like a wildfire everywhere. Enabling you to own your very own brand without any marketing or vendor cost is something being a businessman you would definitely fancy.

Many big retailers like Tesco, Target etc. are doing huge investments in this sector. Don’t hesitate to embark on this journey just because you just have your idea or if your start up is still in incubator. All you need is a little bravery to take the risk!

The Positives and Negatives of Private Labelling:

Private Labelling

When it comes to private labelling, it is not an easy pill to swallow. It is a double edged sword and you have to be really careful with that.

Benefits of Private Labelling:

We only want to lift you up so let’s look at the positive side of the picture first:

  • Healthy Profits

Being a businessman, profits is what you live for, so here is the good news for you. With private labelling, you get to gain a lucrative profit in comparison to your generic competitors. You don’t get to pay the marketing costs, you just have to pay the production cost. And you will be able to sale them at a healthy profitable margin as you are selling them under your brand.

  • Solely yours:

The biggest advantage will be that your brand will exclusively be yours and you stand out among your competitors because you are not doing the monotony. As a result, you get rid of the competitive pricing tactic too.

  • Brand Alert:

Private labelling gives you the brand of your dreams that you otherwise couldn’t make due to some financial constraints. You have your own base now to build your future empire.

For example: you wanted to start your own t-shirt brand but lacked finances, so you hire a private shirt manufacturers of your choice like Marcusuis Teeshirtmanufacturers and sell them under your brand. You get recognition because of the good quality shirts and that’s how your brand could grow with time.

  • Market as you like:

You can market your product as you like. With a generic brand, you are bound but with your own label you get to advertise it like you want. Like you could become a wholesale private label clothing line or you can use social media to advertise your concept.

Possible Risk Factors

There is a flip side of every coin. You must be aware of the risk factors involved before you start. Here are some of the disadvantages of private labels:

  • Quality matters:

If, by unfortunate means, you join hands with private label apparel companies that make poor quality products, then you are in danger for sure. Since most private labels are online so it is a definite risk.

  • Reliability:

Finding a private label that you can rely on for long run commitments, on time deliveries is a quintessential factor for setting up your brand. So ending up relying on an unethical label is risky.

  • Liability:

Using a private label makes you liable for it as you are the face of the product in the form of brand. So all responsibility of quality comes down to you.

  • Legalities Alert:

You must be aware of all the trading regulations, trademark risks, safety risks before merging with a private label.

Finding your Private Label in China:

Why choose China?

China manufacturer

When talking of business and trade, there is not a chance China not to be a part of the discussion. China sits amongst the top manufacturer as well as exporter of almost all the goods around the world. China also holds an eminent position when it comes to private labelling. The reasons are:

  • Large number of big and small scale factories across the country.
  • Flexibility of manufacturers
  • Customisation – like you want it
  • Low Labor Costs

Where To Pick Your Private Label?

Looking for private labels in China is like finding needle in a haystack. You can search at online directories where you will find a plethora of suppliers. Here are few handpicked popular Chinese retailer sites to find private labels are:

  • Alibaba
  • Aliexpress
  • Shein
  • Joom
  • Wish

But, the problem with these platforms is lack of transparency. Anyone can pose to be a manufacturer while he is a supplier of goods. Which makes it impossible to do the quality checks, etc.

Many China factories are building their online presence and it’s easier for new retailors, entrepreneurs, wholesaler to find them online via Google and other social media platforms.

How To Contact Your Private Label?

Here is a series of step you must cover when you are trying to reach out to your chosen private manufacturer companies in China:

  • Choose the label that has the same aesthetics as you.
  • Inquire about MOQ (minumum Order Quantity)
  • Inquire about product in detail
  • See shipping details weather then are authorised to ship to your country
  • Production time
  • Price per piece
  • Preferred method for payment

Examples Of Private Label Products In China

Private labels in China range from wholesale private clothing line to T-shirts to baby products to sportswear. You name it and they are already making it. Let’s look at few examples and maybe they can be your future partners?

Who Are We?

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Final Verdict:

You are now more than prepared and only one step away to start your own journey of brand. We have given you big and reliable private label names in China, we have taught you the process, now all you have to do is write that email. All the best!

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